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Update from Archives – Edmonton Area

October 2018

Check out this article from the archives committee!

History of the Edmonton Area Guide Office Locations

June 2018

 I would like to welcome Eleanor Claydon to our Archives Committee; she is indeed a welcome addition with her vast knowledge of Edmonton Area Guiding.

Did you know Archives has a lending library? There are three shelves of resource material – much of the material is dated -after all we are the archives.

Many song books and other Guiding books. Some titles:

  • Geological Wonders of Alberta
  • Kids Outdoors
  • Kids Campfire Book
  • Improve your Survival Skills
  • Compass Activities
  • Clouds on the Clothesline and 200 Other Great Games
  • Kids Cottage Book

If you want to sign out any books it is totally on the honour system if there is no sign out card please remember to return the book to the library.

We also have a few Canadian flags of various sizes we would like to give away too. They are on the desk under the window.

The Archives Committee is in the office on Thursdays between 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. please feel free to drop in and see us.

We have also donated a number of badges to the trader box in the office as we have many duplicates.

The committee has a large collection of camp crafts and miscellaneous craft material that is in a box labelled “Give Away” on the desk. Please help yourself!!

Thanks to everyone who has donated to our Archives and we look forward to receiving more donations.

Carol Moeller

Tom Hodgson

Eleanor Claydon

Archives Committee

Publication Resources:

NEW REVISED!!! Gofer Tales Resource Guide 2017 – 2018 Click here to access!

Physical Resources Available:

Edmonton Area has a number of great resources that it loans out to its Units and Districts. Please note that all resources need to be booked ahead of time. Deposits are required for most items. A Unit or District cheque can be held as your deposit, and will not be processed unless resources are late being returned, or are damaged.

Resource Booking form – click HERE – must be submitted to request resources. The form can be faxed to 780-453-1155 or emailed to Courtney. If you are a trainer or RG for an Edmonton Area Event wishing to book a resource, please click here.

Some of our resources are listed below. Click here for the full of available resources and their deposit fees.


Archery Equipment (you must retain a Qualified Archery Leader to use the archery equipment)

Archery Challenge (On Target!) click here for information.


Field Kits – click here for a list of contents.

My Field Journal – The nature identification journal used at Bio Blitz! Click here to access. Note: You must print this off 2-sided for it to come out in proper booklet order. You can request the office to print your copies for 4 cents per black & white page.

Field Guide – This booklet is an excellent resource for your journey through the Sandy Lake trails. A colour copy is included in each field kit. Click here to access.

Get a better understanding of the Sandy Lake Beach campsite and its environment by checking out the T.R.A.I.L.S website developed by our 140th Edmonton Ranger Unit in cooperation with Alberta EcoTrust. https://sites.google.com/site/rangertrails/

Flags – stands and holsters also available

GPS Units – Geocaching is ever increasing in popularity. Watch the What’s New and Training pages for Geocaching activities and trainings.

Hug a Tree and Survive – this program can only be given by an approved instructor. Please go to www.adventuresmart.ca/kids/hugatree.htm to request a presenter to your unit.

Promotional Items – Banners, Display Boards, “Event Kits” including brochures, bookmarks, tattoos and more to help you host an information display.

Yellow Fish Road – complete kits are available at Edmonton Area as described in the program guide.

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