Upcoming Trainings

Your Edmonton Area Training team is excited to help you expand your skills, be prepared for activities, and just simply enjoy some of the great things about Guiding!

All Edmonton Area trainings, unless otherwise noted, are offered at the Alberta Girl Guide House, starting at 7 p.m. Guider parking is available beside the building off 107th Street. Please use the back door off the parking lot. You may need to ring the buzzer to the right of the door for entrance.

**Please include your District, phone number and email address when registering for trainings.**


**Campsite Orientation Dates*


Dunday, June 17th

With the renovations done this summer at Redwood House, it is highly recommended that anyone booking this facility retake the orientation. Orientations start at 3PM. Please meet at Redwood House and dress for the weather. Although there is no charge to attend the orientation you must pre-register. Email Hazel 


Sunday, April 22nd

Sunday, June 24th

Orientations start at 3PM. Please meet at Hilltop House and dress for the weather. Although there is no charge to attend the orientation you must pre-register. Email Hazel


Sing & Play  Workshop for Rangers and Guiders 

Thursdays:  April 19th, May 17th & June 21st. Workshops will be held in the basement of Alberta Guide House from 7:00 – 9:00 PM.

 Attend one, two or all the workshops – the choice is yours. These workshops are FREE!

Learn to sing and play (guitar, ukelele) traditional Guiding songs from around the world with Edmonton Area Trainers Marion Rex and Dawn Nowicki. The best way to learn is by doing-learning to sing and play with others. Learn songs for Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers.

All you need to bring is your singing voice and your guitar or ukelele if you want to strum along (but not necessary).  The music will be pre-selected and provided at each session and you will create a songbook that you can keep adding materials to. If you plan to bring an instrument, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early so everyone can tune up.

 To register email Hazel



GEOCACHING 101 – Treasure Hunting for Techies

Calling all Guiders who are interested in learning how to geocache!!!

Wednesday April 25th 2018   7 – 9 PM

Location – TBA – in a local community depending on who signs up

What is geocaching? How can you learn geography through an entertaining game?  What kinds of geocaches can you look for…or hide yourselves?

You can get started cheaply with a GPS app on your phone, then move up to a dedicated GPSr.

Learn what kind of GPS you should buy from a geocacher’s point of view.  Learn how it all began and what you need to get started.

If you are into treasure hunting for techies, then this session is for you.

Come use one of our GPS units and try geocaching!  The trainers for this workshop are Marion Rex and Judy Nicolas. For more information contact Marion Rex.

Dress for the weather including closed toed shoes – we’ll be outside for a while.

There is no cost for the workshop but you must pre-register with Hazel at the Edmonton Area office. Registration deadline is the Friday before the workshop.



QAL – Qualified Archery Leader Refresher – Adults Only

Unfortunately QAL camp has been cancelled. We have replaced it with a QAL day refresher.

Ever wondered what the Edmonton Area Archery program is about?

Want to get a feel for what it would be like to become a Qualified Archery  Leader (QAL) and teach our membership to successfully acquire the skills to do Archery?

The Edmonton Area Archery Team is offering a day to find out.

QAL members will be at the Tangle Trees Archery Range April 28/18, 10am-4pm where we will assist those who are interested to find out what the Archery program is all about. We will have the range set up for you to try Archery.  No experience is necessary. We will have QAL’s available to help you to be a successful Archer, learn a bit about the equipment, safety and play some archery games.

Note: This is only a snipit, not the full comprehensive QAL program to see if you are interested in becoming a QAL.

There is no cost for the day, however;  you will need to bring your own lunch, snacks, drink for the day and a camp chair. Dress for the weather.

Contact Judy Nicolas for more information




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