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April 16, 2018

Edmonton Area needs YOU!


In order for Area Council to serve all of its members to the best of their ability we need help.  For the past year we have had vacant positions which need to be filled.  Please take a moment to consider if you or someone you know could be the right person for the positions noted below.   Taking a position on area council does not mean you have to give up a unit position, you can do both.  If you would like more information on what the positions entail or wish to apply please email  Let's get our council full for the next guiding year!  All positions start July 1st, 2018.


Area Treasurer - this person may be someone who isn't currently a member.  Who do you know that loves dealing with financials and has great attention to details?  This could be a mom who works in that area already or she may be the one who is always helpful to you when you need them.  They don't have to be a member to apply for the position, they can become one when they get the position.  When you have your advancements, parent meetings, put the word out that we need this position filled ASAP (this is the only one that will start as soon as it is filled)


Area Camping Adviser - do you have a desire to ensure ALL girls get the opportunity to camp with their units and want to support the leaders who really aren't sure about how to organize a camp?  This position is for someone who will be a great resource to encourage our girls and leaders to enjoy the outdoors.  You will get to work with a committee of likeminded individuals and represent them on area council.


Area International Adviser - guiding is bigger than just Edmonton Area and this positions gets to share ways to ensure our girls know that we are part of a worldwide organization.  You will use your creative to find ways to support initiatives such as the CWFF and Thinking Day celebrations as well as being a great resource for International activities.  


Area Training Adviser- normally this person is a trainer but it is not a requirement.  The ideal candidate would have excellent meeting management and communication skills, attention to detail and be very organized.  The Training Adviser works in collaboration with the Edmonton Area Trainers to ensure that our members get the trainings they need and want.  Edmonton Area is blessed with a great team of creative, enthusiastic trainers so this role has potential for a lot of fun.


Area Membership Adviser - this person will bring ideas for increasing and retaining membership to the table.  As with all adviser positions is part of a provincial committee and together they strategize on how to maintain our continuing increases in membership.  Retention is also part of growing membership so coming up with ideas that will encourage our members to stay with us will be a component of this position.


Area Awards Lead - this position does the bulk of its' duties in the period of December to May in preparation for our annual Awards Dinner.  You review all applications presented and ensure they are applying for the most suitable award and have all the requirements.  This position also encourages ways to recognize our members for their amazing contribution of time to our organization with non-formal awards.  The position does not sit on council but sends in a monthly report with relevant, important information concerning awards.  This is a great position to take on and if you have a friend or two who would be on your committee it works very well.


All of these positions need a voice on council.  They need to share their ideas, experience and knowledge to keep Edmonton Area moving forward and remaining relevant.  We can do great things with many voices so please consider if you are able to take one of these on.  OR if you can't take it on but know someone you think would be great at the position, encourage them to apply.  Offer your support and encouragement.  If you want more information or would like the position description, application or just have a question please email




We are looking for Casino volunteers for the Edmonton Area Girl Guide casino. The dates are Aug 15th & 16th 2018 (Wed. & Thur.), at Yellowhead Casino (12464-153rd St.). Information form

Please complete a Casino Volunteer Booking Form and forward it to Sandy. If you would like a particular day or shift please indicate this on your form. Sandy will try to accommodate as much as possible.
We will pay for your lunch or supper. Please think of volunteering for this event as our Edmonton Area facilities benefit quite a bit from the money raised at these casinos.

If you have any questions Sandy can be may be reached at 780-990-2178 or



Applications must be received by mail, courier or hand delivery (Faxes and emails will not be accepted) by 4:30 PM on May 2nd 2018.

Applications are to be delivered to: Edmonton Area Scholarship

Girl Guides of Canada, Edmonton Area

3rd Floor, 11055-107 Street

Edmonton, AB T5H 2Z6

Application form: 


2018 Edmonton Law Day

Saturday April 21st

More details (including schedules and mock trial details) can be found on their website at:


**Campsite Orientation Dates*


Sunday, June 17th

With the renovations done this summer at Redwood House, it is highly recommended that anyone booking this facility retake the orientation. Orientations start at 3PM. Please meet at Redwood House and dress for the weather. Although there is no charge to attend the orientation you must pre-register. Email Hazel 


Sunday, April 22nd

Sunday, June 24th

Orientations start at 3PM. Please meet at Hilltop House and dress for the weather. Although there is no charge to attend the orientation you must pre-register. Email Hazel


Sing & Play  Workshop for Rangers and Guiders 

Thursdays:  April 19th, May 17th & June 21st. Workshops will be held in the basement of Alberta Guide House from 7:00 - 9:00 PM.

 Attend one, two or all the workshops - the choice is yours. These workshops are FREE!

Learn to sing and play (guitar, ukelele) traditional Guiding songs from around the world with Edmonton Area Trainers Marion Rex and Dawn Nowicki. The best way to learn is by doing-learning to sing and play with others. Learn songs for Sparks, Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Rangers.

All you need to bring is your singing voice and your guitar or ukelele if you want to strum along (but not necessary).  The music will be pre-selected and provided at each session and you will create a songbook that you can keep adding materials to. If you plan to bring an instrument, please plan to arrive 15 minutes early so everyone can tune up.

 To register email Hazel


GEOCACHING 101 - Treasure Hunting for Techies

Calling all Guiders who are interested in learning how to geocache!!!

Wednesday April 25th 2018   7 - 9 PM

Location - TBA - in a local community depending on who signs up

What is geocaching? How can you learn geography through an entertaining game?  What kinds of geocaches can you look for…or hide yourselves?

You can get started cheaply with a GPS app on your phone, then move up to a dedicated GPSr.

Learn what kind of GPS you should buy from a geocacher’s point of view.  Learn how it all began and what you need to get started.

If you are into treasure hunting for techies, then this session is for you.

Come use one of our GPS units and try geocaching!  The trainers for this workshop are Marion Rex and Judy Nicolas. For more information contact Marion Rex.

Dress for the weather including closed toed shoes – we'll be outside for a while.

There is no cost for the workshop but you must pre-register with Hazel at the Edmonton Area office. Registration deadline is the Friday before the workshop.



QAL – Qualified Archery Leader Refresher - Adults Only

Unfortunately QAL camp has been cancelled. We have replaced it with a QAL day refresher. 

Ever wondered what the Edmonton Area Archery program is about?

Want to get a feel for what it would be like to become a Qualified Archery  Leader (QAL) and teach our membership to successfully acquire the skills to do Archery?

The Edmonton Area Archery Team is offering a day to find out.

QAL members will be at the Tangle Trees Archery Range April 28/18, 10am-4pm where we will assist those who are interested to find out what the Archery program is all about. We will have the range set up for you to try Archery.  No experience is necessary. We will have QAL’s available to help you to be a successful Archer, learn a bit about the equipment, safety and play some archery games.

Note: This is only a snipit, not the full comprehensive QAL program to see if you are interested in becoming a QAL.

 There is no cost for the day, however;  you will need to bring your own lunch, snacks, drink for the day and a camp chair. Dress for the weather.

 Contact Judy Nicolas for more information  


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